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Your very own TVR or PVR

Apple tv is a simple an easy gadget to watch videos and listening to music. By an accident I have damaged my apple TV and I am looking to get a replacement for it. It would be very easy to get another apple tv but I want to explore what other choices are there.

TiVo is an excellent PVR that can schedule record both free to air and cable TV. It gives the freedome of pausing live TV and on deman videos from internet. TiVo requires monthly subscription.



Asus O!Play HDP-R1 Media player – wow I have finally got it right. This long named thing can support most of the video, pictures and audio format but it lacks windows/mac streaming.

Western Digital WD TV live is excellent device for youtube and flickr junkies but it still lacks a lot of features that I would want in a PVR. I would still pick apple tv or Asus ___ .

I have another choice, which isn’t readily available but it will provide me more options control and headaches. My very own PVR using

MythTv, FreeVo or Boxee.

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